Twenty four hours from tulsa

, only one day away from your arms. Oh, I was only twenty four hours from Tulsa. But I love somebody new, what can I do, when I can never, never, never go home again? And I caressed her, kissed her.
And that is when I saw her. And so I walked up to her. Told her I'd die before I would let her out of my arms. The jukebox started to play, and night time turned into day. As we were dancing closely, all of a sudden I lost control as I held her charms. She said, "Okay oh, I was only twenty four hours from Tulsa.

Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa Gene Pitney

Gene Pitney - Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa Lyrics As I pulled in outside of the small hotel she was there. I asked her if she would stay. I saw a welcoming light, and stopped to rest for the night.
I hate to do this to you. Asked where I could get something to eat and she showed me where. Dearest darling, i had to write to say that I won't be home any more. She took me to the caf. Twenty Four Hours from, tulsa is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and was originally a hit for Gene Pitney. The song s lyrics tell of a traveling man who detours to a romance in a motel and ends up never returning home. Watch the video twenty four hours from tulsa for.

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